APN Consultants is a financial and strategic consultancy firm started with the collaboration of three CFAs. We utilize or expertise promptly to serve business clients through a variety of consultancy products.

Our vision

Being a necessity to ensure success of any business.

Why choose us?

We are specifically equipped with a competent team, which possesses adequate experience and knowledge to address any strategic or financial issue of business.

Our mission

Being the consultancy partner, who addresses real issues of business, while collaborating with clients until they attain success.

Let experienced strategists create value in your business

APN Consultants is a Sri Lankan firm established targeting local businesses in all scales, from

startups to conglomerates. We are equipped with a highly skilled team which possesses

experience in business strategy and finance. The value we deliver to the client is simply the

assurance of success for their business. 

The firm was formed with the collaboration of three CFA Charterholders. In particular, our team

is specialized in strategic planning, financial evaluations, best practices in finance and

management, seeking investors and bank funding. Also, we are linked with marketing,

accounting and IT experts to deliver a comprehensive service to our client.

Our main objective is to offer a helping hand to our clients. Thus, we are glad to offer

performance based fees structures, which are linked to Intended results, for our services.

Our Values



we always put our clients first and we always do the right thing



we always take decisions independently to the best interest of the



we hold responsible for our actions and recommendations



we possess technical and financial expertise which help us to
maintain a trustworthy relation with our clients

Strive for excellence

Strive for excellence

we always put our best efforts to provide our clients with the
best service and experience



We care for our employees and provide equal opportunities to learn and grow

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APN Consultants, 289/1, Hill Street, Nedimala, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka.
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