We offer customized business solutions for your requirement for flexible fee structures, which are linked to anticipated outcomes.

Independent business reviews

There could be several unidentified causes which would ultimately result in your business being inefficient. Through our IBR services; we would examine the cost structure, operating segments, the working capital position and the capital structure of your business, thereby detecting all inefficiencies and providing practical recommendations to overcome them.

Business restructuring services

No matter how hard your efforts are, sometimes you cannot stop your business making continuous losses due to some hidden issues. In business restructuring services, we constantly consult your financially distressed business to turn around to profitable state, by implementing strategic changes and establishing financial discipline.

Business valuations

Value is the ultimate indicator which elaborates all the efforts and resources that you have invested in your business. We offer valuation services to measure the value of your business with our expertise in globally accepted valuation techniques.

Startup consultancy

Statistics indicate that over 95% of new Sri Lankan ventures collapse within a period of five years, and in certain instances generate losses amounting to 2-3 times of the initial investment. In most instances, the reason for this is the lack of knowledge in strategy, operations and working capital management. We offer strategic plans which are both practical and feasible, and guide your startup in being a profitable venture. Also, based on the feasibility of your venture, we would seek investors to fulfill seed capital requirements, thereby enabling you to initiate your business plan.

Feasibility studies

It is vital to predict whether your potential start up or expansion could create value in business terms. We are technically equipped to evaluate your business idea with globally accepted appraisal methodologies.

Business planning

A well-developed plan is essential to direct any business to success. Lack of planning is one of the key reasons for SMEs to collapse in developing economies, such as Sri Lanka. We would be glad to undertake strategic, financial, marketing and human resource planning functions of your potential venture to ensure its success.

Tax advisory

Tax compliance will not be a burden for you anymore. Our expert tax team is ready to assist you on paying the accurate amount of taxes and lodging tax returns promptly while meeting statutory deadlines. Furthermore, we will provide comprehensive tax advices for your specific queries, and appear as an authorized agent, representing you before tax authorities to handle your tax matters.

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